our menu.


Premium in-house roasted meats.

Homemade from scratch dressings and vinaigrettes.

Gourmet cheeses, nuts, and toppings.

Southern classics with gourmet twists.

Exciting soups made daily. Hand-crafted baked goodies.

Gourmet loose leaf teas and premium coffees. Yep, that's how we do it.

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mini plates

appetizer scoop served with garlic pita chips.

gourmet plates

Scoop served on spring mix with warm croissant and your choice of fresh fruit, pita wedges, or crackers.

gourmet salads

Dressings served on the side.

Add chicken  3              Add beef or shrimp   4


7" European hoagie rolls, pressed and hot.

Served with sauces on the side and your choice of pita wedges, fresh fruit, crackers, or chips.


**Add Bacon to any sandwich  1 **

**Add a side of Hummus or Pimento Cheese  2**



Soup/Salad    Soup/Sandwich    Salad/Sandwich     10                              11                               13


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scratch made. change daily.


cup  4                           bowl  6

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itty bitty menu.

Served with Animal Crackers, fresh fruit,  & choice of Juice Box or Milk

take home deli items


Sweet Chicken Salad

8 oz.               16 oz.               32 oz.

6                     11                18


Cajun Chicken Salad  

8 oz.               16 oz.               32 oz.

  6                     11                     20  


Creamy Ranch Chicken Pasta Salad

8 oz.               16 oz.              32 oz.

6                  11                     20


Spicy White Pimento Cheese 

8 oz.              16 oz.             32 oz.

7                  14                  26 


Zesty Lemon and Rosemary Hummus

8 oz.              16 oz.            32 oz.

    5                     8                   16    

beverages   2



Diet Coke

Coke Zero

Dr. Pepper


Diet Dr. Pepper


Root Beer

Sweet Tea

Unsweet Tea

Mountain Dew

Hot Chocolate

Diet Mountain Dew

Sparkling Peach Tea

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Monday thru  Saturday - 11:00am - 2:00pm                 Sunday - closed
Peach Bacon Goat Cheese 10

Peaches, Bacon, Goat Cheese, Chipotle Aioli.