our team.


We pride ourselves on not only providing our customers with the best and brightest team members to serve you, but also providing a warm and exciting environment for our team to flourish. You'll notice our friendly faces, inviting smiles, and attentive service during your visit. Here are some of the incredible people who make this cheery little restaurant what it is...


  • Margaret and Taylor Baggett-Owners, Managers,  Sandwich Makers


  • Joe Salls- Owner, Wine Snob, Marketing Support, Cheerleader


  • Casey Jones-  Queen of the Kitchen, Inventory Manager, Jill of all Trades

  • Ivanne Al Suleman, Ryan Close, Laura Armstrong, and Shiva Emami- Super Servers, Kitchen Bosses, All-Purpose Rockstar Team Members who can do it all!

honorable mentions.


Besides those of us there on a daily basis, there is also a small army of people who are part of our family... be them happy taste-testers, bakers, cheerleaders, loyal customers, brand ambassadors, and so much more.


Tom Stackhouse and the Interior Marketplace staff, Heather Petersen and family, Jamie Stockton, Jacki and Rudy Gil, the Hale family, the Baggett family, the Salls family, the Marriott family, the Jones family, Janella Butner, the Barnes family, the Talbot family, Hall Ford, and many many many more of our faithful customers, friends, and family.  We love you and thank you for all of your support!


*We are always looking for talented people to join our team! Interested in applying? Email huntsvillechef@gmail.com!